Save the Economy: Buy Obama Stuff!

23 12 2008

obama-new-yorkerThe newest craze to sweep just about every industry is the commemorative Obama collectible. I personally love the infomercial with Montel Williams hawking the Obama coins, but for those who aren’t into coins, TV shopping or Montel, consider picking up a keepsake newspaper or magazine. Many major papers are still selling their election day coverage from Nov. 5: Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, are some of the papers available.

There is also a good bit of magazine cover art, like the Person of The Year Time Magazine covers I mentioned a few days ago, and the New Yorker cover (not the “satirical” version).

On newsstands now is the January 2009 Ebony Magazine (thanks Bastet for the tip) and, in DC, the collectors edition Washingtonian Magazine. I heard today that USA Today is planning a special edition on or about Jan. 8, so pick it up while its at the newsstand price if you can. Once things are out of print the prices get nutty. And if you’re coming to town for inauguration save your pennies for the insane goods the vendors will be hawking.




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