12.29 Inaugural Roundup

29 12 2008

It was a busy day in inauguration land. First off, Jay-Z is coming! Of course, Love Nightclub scored the rapper-mogul-superstar for a party Friday before the election, with tickets from $100 to table reservations for $10,000???? If you can swing it, tix go on sale Monday.

The official inauguration bigwigs, also known as the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, sent out the first of several advisories for folks planning to head to the Mall on January 20–the information is good if you have tickets for seats during the swearing in OR if you’re planning to watch via jumbotron with the masses. It’s mostly common sense stuff, but there are some good points:

  • If you have seats, plan to be in them by 9am. The program starts at 11:30am, and late arrivals will not be admitted. So no CP time on this one, ok?
  • The weather has been really nice in DC for the past few days, but its generally freezing in January. Are you ready to stand, walk, and be shuffled along with millions of other people in potentially bad weather? Think about that. Oh, and no umbrellas…
  • Also, no chairs, no thermoses with coffee/cocoa/Henessey, no signs, no pets (except services animals of course), no backpacks. The list goes on.

obama-wmataToday I had to buy a Metrocard for the first time in months when I misplaced my SmarTrip card, and look what popped out for my $2? Cool, huh? If I was paying attention I would  have known these and the commemorative SmarTrip cards went on sale last week! Get one now–they work on the train or the bus, and you can avoid waiting in line to get a ticket with everyone else.

There are new events added to the Inaugural Events pages. I hope the breakdown by date makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.




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