The 1.5 Welcome to Washington Roundup

6 01 2009


Its official–the Obama’s are here! In case you haven’t heard, Michelle, Sasha and Malia arrived Saturday, and Barack arrived yesterday. The family has taken residence at the Hay-Adams Hotel near the White House until their official digs are ready, and despite the road closures and snarled traffic we can expect for the next few weeks, I’m so happy they are here! The girls started school at Sidwell Friends School today, Daddy visited Capitol Hill and thrilled the crowds, and while I don’t know what Michelle did today, I’m sure it was awesome.

With 15 days to go til Inauguration Day, the events keep rolling in. Many events are sold out, but new ones are showing up almost as fast, and today the Presidential Inaugural  Committee announced the first ever “Neithborhood Inaugural Ball,” at the Washington Convention Center, whichthe President and First Lady plan to attend. Tickets will be available for low prices (including free) and some will be set aside especially for the President’s District neighbors.




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