I’m a DC resident and really excited about the 2009 inauguration! I’ve lived in Washington for three presidential inaugurations, but this is the first time friends and family from across the country have been calling or emailing looking for details on how to plan a visit for the big event. I figured if the information was helpful for my folks, it might be helpful for others, so I started this blog to be a one-stop shop for information on this exciting time. 


If you have any tips, info request, or anything, just leave a comment and I will help however I can. Until then, see you on the Mall on January 20th, 2009!


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21 12 2008
Miss Jillian

hey! Im looking at the blog…. I like it. Im kinda wishing there was a little insider info on here too because you are a DC native. Like best place to go to watch the events on a big TV and eat a great meal. I guess you could just look at your Yelp’age for that. I like it !

4 01 2009

love that you’re doing this! also, bummed that i won’t be there. alas….

4 01 2009

Hi. there is a cool event going on on Jan 19th. If you could post it on your blog that would be cool.


4 01 2009

Happy to post–this is actually something I will definitely hit up. I missed the last Spinna event but this should be hot! And I noticed a pic of a good friend of mine in your Flickr pool, so there is already a cool connection. Thanks for sharing!

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