Poll: Where Are You Sleeping?

27 12 2008

Where Are You Sleeping?

27 12 2008

If you’re just planning your trip to Washington for the inauguration and hoping to stay in or near the city, let me be the first to wish you good luck. Hotels have been sold out at crazy prices for months, and most DC residents have stories of friends and family coming out of the woodwork to secure a bed, couch, air mattress, anything to be in the city!

That said, it looks like there are still plenty of spaces available in private homes, according to Craigslist. The sublets page is chock full of people renting rooms, apartments and entire houses across the city. Every space is different, so every price is different and you may be able to negotiate a deal. Whatever you do, make sure you conduct the safest transaction possible. HomeTownRent has a great post with tips on making the experience a good one for both renters and tenants.

If you prefer the traditional route of staying in a hotel, there are still rooms available in the city. Just be prepared to pay double or more the typical nightly rate, expect non-refundable deposits and minimum night stays. Destination DC, the city’s official tourism site, is showing rooms at several hotels in great locations.