Map and Ticket Information for Swearing-in Ceremonies

11 01 2009

capitol-jan-10If you’re lucky enough to have tickets for next week’s swearing in, new information on where to go and what to do on Tuesday is available courtesy of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

A few key changes: security gates will now be open at 8am rather than 9am to ensure everyone the 240,000 ticketed guests can get to their seats, and when you pick up your tickets, take note of the color and check out the map to find your entrance.

Inauguration of the President: JCCIC Releases Map and Ticket Information for Inaugural Swearing-in Ceremonies.

I stopped by the Capitol last night to check out the status of the construction, and just take it all in before the big events happen next week. There was definitely some sort of energy there–if its possible for something to feel historic, I think that was it! Of course, it would have been great if we were at the other end of the Mall to see the Obamas pay a visit to the Lincoln Memorial, or at Ben’s Chili Bowl when PEBO got a half smoke with Mayor Fenty.


Obama Issues National Call to Service

7 01 2009

renew-americaThe incoming Obama administration is keeping up its calls for Americans to start volunteering in their own communities, and today a national call to service went out encouraging people to take part in volunteer activities on Jan. 19th. To help find activities nationwide and engage people in conversations about service, Obama for America has a new website as well:

As with most other Obama related web properties, the site is clean and easy to use, with features for you to find service events in your area, post your own events, or check out the blog where folks like Jill Biden are talking about their volunteer plans for Jan. 19th and beyond.

Obama Will Attend D.C., Regional, Youth Balls -Washington Post

6 01 2009

Obama Will Attend D.C., Regional, Youth Balls – Inauguration Watch – News and notes on the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States.

Obamas to Appear at 10 Official Inaugural Balls –

24 12 2008

Obamas to Appear at 10 Official Inaugural Balls –

Save the Economy: Buy Obama Stuff!

23 12 2008

obama-new-yorkerThe newest craze to sweep just about every industry is the commemorative Obama collectible. I personally love the infomercial with Montel Williams hawking the Obama coins, but for those who aren’t into coins, TV shopping or Montel, consider picking up a keepsake newspaper or magazine. Many major papers are still selling their election day coverage from Nov. 5: Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, are some of the papers available.

There is also a good bit of magazine cover art, like the Person of The Year Time Magazine covers I mentioned a few days ago, and the New Yorker cover (not the “satirical” version).

On newsstands now is the January 2009 Ebony Magazine (thanks Bastet for the tip) and, in DC, the collectors edition Washingtonian Magazine. I heard today that USA Today is planning a special edition on or about Jan. 8, so pick it up while its at the newsstand price if you can. Once things are out of print the prices get nutty. And if you’re coming to town for inauguration save your pennies for the insane goods the vendors will be hawking.

Inaugural Weekend Volunteers Needed

21 12 2008


From Obama for America:

Volunteers are needed between Sunday, January 18th, and Wednesday,
January 21st. You’ll help organize and staff all of the different
events we’ve planned to mark this historic day, including welcome
events, community service activities, and the official Inaugural

Apply now to become an Inauguration volunteer.

You could be directly involved in spreading President-elect Obama’s
message of unity and service. And you’ll make it possible for an
unprecedented number of people across the country to share this moment.

Because events will be spread throughout the Washington, D.C. area and
will not be held exclusively on the Capitol grounds, people with a
strong knowledge of the Washington area are encouraged to apply.

We cannot offer housing or transportation. You will need to make your own arrangements.

Fill out an application now and a volunteer coordinator will contact you as soon as possible:

We’re just a few short weeks away from President-elect Obama taking office.

Thank you for making this possible and for being a part of this important moment,

Obama for America

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

19 12 2008

The accolades keep rolling in for the President-Elect–today Time Magazine announced Barack Obama as the Person of the Year for 2008.


If you missed out on the Shepard Fairey Victory poster MoveOn issued after the election, Time’s special issue has two covers, including one designed by the artist. Not surprisingly both covers are available for sale.